Anti-Dust Lenses For Clear Vision

Dust can build up on the lenses of your eye glasses even when you don’t notice, and a steady accumulation of dirt, sand and dust particles can result in your eye glasses becoming cloudy and your vision hazy.

Dust or dirt particles that stick to your lenses can be incredibly distracting, and if you’re working in potentially dangerous surroundings (where large machinery is in use, for instance), this could increase the chances of accidents occurring.

What Are Anti-Dust Lenses?

Anti-dust lenses (sometimes referred to as dust-resistant lenses) protect your glasses from dust and dirt, allowing you to have clear, unobstructed vision no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This is possible as the result of a dust-repellent coating (made by an anti-static layer placed over the lenses) that will repel dust and dirt, preventing these particles from sticking to your glasses. This technology enables the wearer to see more clearly and makes it easier to clean the lenses regularly, as well as keeping them clean for longer.

When cleaning your glasses, rinse in clean water first to help wash away any dust particles that could otherwise scratch your glasses (just make sure you’re using lukewarm water, as hot water can damage the lens coating). You can then clean your glasses with a microfibre cloth. You should also make sure to clean every part of the lenses and frames, particularly where the lens edges meet the frames, as dirt, dust, and oil from your skin can accumulate in these areas. Scratch-resistant coatings are available for your lenses if you find your glasses getting scratched frequently, and these also have the added benefit of repelling dust and dirt.

  • Benefits of anti-dust lenses

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Dust Lenses?

Anti-dust lenses can benefit individuals in a variety of ways:

  • Vision is clearer without the haze of dust particles covering the surface of your glasses
  • Your eyes will be less irritated as dust repellent lenses will reduce the amount of dust and dirt building up near the eyes
  • Glasses are easier to clean when they have a dust-resistant coating
  • Your glasses will last longer; when they’re not constantly accumulating dust, the delicate lens coatings are less likely to be damaged and require replacing

When Do You Need Anti-Dust Lenses?

You will most likely benefit from anti-dust lenses if you:

  • Work in a particularly dusty or dirty environment, such as construction sites, farms, carpentry workshops or bakeries
  • Have hobbies that involve being present in dusty environments, such as woodworking
  • Live in an area where sand and dust are often in the air, such as in the desert or near a beach
  • Live or work in large cities, especially if you often use public transport
  • Often visit sandy or dusty areas, including trips to the coast or if you go on lots of nature walks
  • Wear your glasses all day every day, giving you a greater chance of picking up dust and dirt wherever you go

If you think you could benefit from anti-dust lenses, visit your eye care professional to see what types of glasses and lens coating would be best for you.

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